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Rules Of Survival Hack – Diamonds and Gold Cheats 2018

Rules of Survival is an epic, action packed, role-playing survival game, which is developed and published by NetEase Games. The game allows players to experience an ultimate death match where they are stranded on an island along with hundreds of other players. In order to win the match, you have to survive by all means, as your survival skills will be put to test in this game that’s why we also introduce our Rules Of Survival Hack.

Rules Of Survival Hack 2018

The game is free-to-play, and hence it relies mainly on the sale of in-game items for generating revenue. So, you need to acquire a good amount of in-game items and game currencies in order to excel in the game. Below mentioned are the important in-game currencies that are essential for your growth which you can easily get with Rules Of Survival Hack.


Coins are the main in-game currency, which can be used to purchase different customization gears such as clothes and accessories for your gaming characters. This currency can be easily earned by playing the game as they are awarded to each and every player who participates in the match. However, the amount of Coins that you will receive depends on various aspects; such as, amount of time spent in a match, number of players killed, etc. They can also be generated with Rules Of Survival Cheats 2018.




Diamonds are the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase special items and gears that cannot be bought with Coins. You can also exchange your Diamonds for Coins, whenever you are short of them. There are only a few ways of earning Diamonds. One of them is by participating in different gaming events. Another method is by using Rules Of Survival Hack.

You can even gather in-game currencies by working hard in the game, but it will require lot of time. If you do not want to spend your valuable time then you can instantly acquire these currencies by purchasing them with real money. While making a purchase through the game store you need to choose a bigger currency pack as better deals are offered on larger packs as compared with smaller ones. That’s why people prefer using Rules Of Survival Hack Cheats then spending real money. Below mentioned are some important tips that can help you in beating other players in the game:

Stealth Is The Key:

If you do not have enough weapons or fire power then you can kill your enemies by stealth. The Stealth Mode doesn’t require you to use any weapons, so you can kill your enemies even if you do not have ammunitions. Moreover, if you kill your opponents using stealth then the nearby enemies are not alerted due to the absence of gunshot sound.

Stay In Safe Zone:

Every few minutes the game marks a small territory as Safe Zone, so you have to ensure that you reach the safe zone before the time runs out. If you are not able to reach the safe zone before the timer runs out then you will be dead.

Make Use Of Vehicles:

Vehicles are one of the important game elements that can aid you, so try to use vehicles if you get a chance as it serves dual purpose. It can help you in reaching different corners of the island; especially, the safe zones when the time is running out. You can also use the vehicles and run over your opponents in order to kill them instantly.

Gather Weapons And Gear:

Before the game begins, you will be given a 30-second window, which can be used in order to scavenge for gear and weapons. In this time, every player will try to acquire arms, so you need to run as fast as you can towards the weapon shed in order to gather as much fire power as you can.

Open Your Chute On Time:

In the start of the game, you are thrown out of a flying plane with a parachute. You have to open your parachute at the right time as opening it before or later than the ideal time may damage your character’s health. You have to keep a keen eye on the chute indicator, which is on the right-hand side in order to perfect your chute timing.

If you follow these tips properly, you will easily be able to defeat other players in the game or at least survive for a longer duration. The game is popular among lots of gamers and is played by over a 100 million gamers worldwide. Below mentioned are some of the important features of the game, which are responsible for its fame:

Character Customization:

The game offers users a chance to customize their playable character by editing different facial features such as hair, skin tone, etc. You can also dress your avatar in different attire in order to give it a standalone look among other gamers.

Vast Environment:

The game features a vast 3D gaming environment, which is spread across 8×8 km map. In this environment, you can find lots of different tools that will aid you in your survival. The environment consists of deserted area with lots of terrains. You can explore the island on foot or you can also drive your way through, if you come across a car.

Gaming Rules:

Survival is the biggest rule of the game and you have to survive over 100 players. You have to stay alive from the shots fired by other players and at the same time you have to ensure that you always stay at the safe zone in order to protect yourself from radiation. Whether you want to go all guns blazing on your enemies or use the classic stealth approach to survive; it is all up to you! Don’t forget that Rules Of Survival Hack is always ready to help!

Different Vehicles:

You can explore the island by driving different vehicles and motorcycles in the game, but in order to do that you need to locate them. Apart from land vehicles, you can also drive an aircraft in order to reach and explore the furthest corners of the game.

Easy Controls:

Most of the role-playing games feature extremely difficult control mechanism, due to which only few gamers are able to play it. The Rules of Survival game has a user-friendly control system where you can control all actions by pressing the game screen. You can jump and sprint by pressing the indicated buttons while directional controls can be taken care by pressing arrow keys on the game screen. You can also change the camera angle by adjusting the pressure on the right-hand side of the screen.

Solo Match:

In this game mode, a total of 120 players from across the world will be randomly placed on the map, where the last man standing wins the game. You can use the environment to your benefit by exploring its vast area and scavenge for weapons and other survival gear in order to survive.

Team Match:

The gaming experience of Team Match is more or less similar to the Solo Match; but, here you can team up in the group of 2 or 4 players. Performing along with the team gives you an ultimate gaming experience as the last man standing wins the match.

Fire Power:

The game gives you an opportunity to scavenge the island for important fire arms, which will aid you in your quest for survival. You can knock down your enemies with your bare hands or you can use from wide range of weapons that can be discovered on the island. You can find weapons of different class such as Hand Guns or Side Arms, Semi-Automatic Rifles, Automatic Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and RPG Rifles.

Support Gear:

In order to ensure that you can stay alive for a longer time in the game, lots of support gear is scattered across the island. These support gears includes grenades that are capable of killing multiple players at once due to their blast radius. You can also discover Health Kits and Band-Aids, which will help in increasing your lost health due to damage received from other gamers.

To conclude, if you want to experience the thrill of survival in the war zone with danger at every nook and corner then download and use Rules of Survival Hack now.


Rules Of Survival Hack